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Для чего используется кресло-качалка?
Боевой артрит и боль в спине
Говорят даже, что бывший президент США Джон Кеннеди использовал качалку стул, чтобы облегчить боль в спине. Использование кресла-качалки увеличивает кровоток вокруг the body, thus sending more oxygen to the joints, which can help ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Are rocking chairs good for you?
Studies today demonstrate that a rocking chair may actually do far more in terms of physical and mental health.” People who have mental health issues and physical problems such as arthritis, back pain, Alzheimer’s, dementia, (to name a few) can benefit from a rocking chair. Rocking is a mild form of exercise.

Why do rocking chairs feel good?
First and foremost, rocking is relaxing. It releases endorphins in the brain which can improve mood and reduce stress and pain.

How do I make my rocking chair not rock?
If you want to stop your recliner from rocking, you must install a wedge between the frame for the chair and the frame of the hinges box.
1.Measure the height between the bottom of the chair frame and the top of the hinged box with your tape measure.
2.Cut a piece of hardwood to match the height and the length.

Post time: Apr-26-2020